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Material Culture at Eckley 

  This post is from Andi, a member of the 2015 field crew: I decided to attend the archaeology field school at EckleyMiners’ Village sponsored by the University of Marylandbecause of my love of material culture. I am especially curious about the meaning of artifacts and how they … Continue reading

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Week Five at Eckley Miners Village

As our field season winds down for the summer, the days are literally growing shorter! Week five was a short week and, between our Monday recovery day after Patchtown Days and our Friday holiday in observance of the Fourth of July, we … Continue reading

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Patch Town’s Day, June 2015

This post is by team member Mikaela:  This weekend Eckley Miners’ Village was home to Patch Town Days and the archaeology team discovered that the numerous artifacts in our lab and the well-excavated site on Back Street fascinated many visitors exploring the streets of Eckley. It was a weekend … Continue reading

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Week Four At Eckley Miner’s Village

More digging, more artifacts, more excitement, and a recap of Patchtown Days. Read on to hear about what’s new in our fourth week at Eckley Miners’ Village!  The Site(s) The beginning of the week was spent focusing on House Lot #34/36 (the … Continue reading

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