Day 15: A Little Help from our Friends

In an earlier post, we described some of the everyday aspects of fieldwork that we deal with everyday: tedium, hunger, and the discomfort of being outdoors all day. As we hit the mid-point of our work out at the Canal Street Site, and as we are about to face a couple extremely hot, humid and mosquito-infested days, we would like to thank a few local folks that have helped us out with generosity and kindness. In a previous post we mentioned the fantastic landowners and hosts of the property, Willie and Michelle Vitz and their dogs Thor and Miley. (pictured below) Not only have they tolerated the presence of seven archaeologists amidst of the usual quiet of their peaceful woodland property, but the visits from them and their dogs are always appreciated by us. Their interest and questions about what we do and how we do it has helped us to be better archaeologists, enabling us to contemplate how to share our work and findings with the community.

I mentioned the hunger that arises in all of us from eight hours of digging, five days a week… The neighbors across the street, JoAnn and Steve Dubravski, have likewise supported us despite the noise and parked cars. They have also kept us well fed! Unfortunately, JoAnne and Steve recently closed their restaurant, the Blaine Street Café in McAdoo. Luckily for us, they continue to cook their delicious food, now as a catering company. Today we were treated with an amazing meal of pulled pork sandwiches, pasta salad and corn on the cob! (Pictures of Joanne with the spread, and some hungry archaeologists below) (BTW you can contact JoAnne and Steve for catering out of Lattimer Mines at this phone # 570-582-7635 or 570-455-5493)

Logically consequent… we can segue this discussion into another, er… bodily need that is an everyday part of life in the field. And so we must thank John and Anne Biros who donated a Porta-John for our use this summer. They operate Biros Utilities out of Sheppton, PA ( We were fortunate to meet the Biros and their friends Jack and Margie at Eckley Miner’s Village last fall and had a great conversation about local heritage. We couldn’t have been luckier!

Of course there are many folks in town that have helped us out in so many ways, welcoming us to Hazleton/ Lattimer, but we wanted to thank a handful here. Thanks all!


About LM Project

The LMP is a collaborative endeavor which aims to recognize the events surrounding the Lattimer Massacre, an incident that changed the labor movement and impacted the world by bringing to light economic disparities and ethnic tensions in the anthracite region of PA.
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3 Responses to Day 15: A Little Help from our Friends

  1. Richard Burkett says:

    Great story. How long is the dig expected to last?
    Are visitors welcome at the site?

    • LM Project says:

      Richard, the dig will run until the last week in June. Visitors are welcome. We work most weekdays from 8 to 4. We may cut out early for labwork on some days so please email me ahead of time.

      • rjburkett says:

        Will try to e-mail before we come. Hope to stop by June 29 or July 6. Is there an address we can punch in the GPS?
        Looking forward to our visit.
        Richard Burkett

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